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Default front passenger door pops open

I stop at a long red light and turn off the engine, when I restart it the passenger door pops open (2007-STS). The problems started several months ago with it being difficult at times to open this door from the outside even after unlocking it, but now it has become potentially dangerous. It is still intermittent though. I have removed the door handle assembly and reassembled it outside the door including attaching the wiring harnesses. During this procedure I kept testing things and sometimes everything worked properly, other times pulling on the handle did not open the door even though I was holding a working fob, and other times I would lock the door with the fob then unlock it (pressing the fob twice, once to unlock just the driver's door and a second time to unlock the remaining doors) and the door would pop open. When I test things now everything seems to work again. I was somewhat puzzled by the advice regarding switch testing. There is no resistance between the blue and orange or the green and gray, but when I open the handle there is still no resistance and I thought that for at least one of the pairs this test would cut the resistance in one of the wires. There is some moisture in the door cavity (not a lot) so I wonder if that is a potential problem? I am game to replace the switches or the entire unit but not if that isn't the problem. My logic (perhaps flawed) is that the locking/opening mechanism itself works (the door will lock and it will open), but with the handle making the right sound (currently sounds the same as when I pull the driver side door, but maybe it wasn't before) I feel wary about my conclusions. Given that the handle sometimes works sometimes not, and that the fob is sometimes recognized (on the passenger side) and sometimes not, is it right to conclude that the micro switches need replacing (either the entire unit or as one post suggests just the switches)? That the door pops open when I restart the car must be because the car sends a signal to lock the door but it gets interpreted as a signal to open the door.
I hate posting a new question but cannot find a post by someone with this identical problem.
Many thanks in advance to anyone who can provide useful insight.
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