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Default 2001 Cadillac Seville SLS Intermittent No Start/No Crank + Service Electrical Sys Msg

I have been chasing an intermittent no start/no crank condition on my 2001 Cadillac Seville SLS for a couple of months. The problem has been progressively improving in that the frequency of the issue has reduced to about once per week. I however can't seem to run it to ground.

The problem I'm having is that when I get in the car I will turn the key and the engine will not crank. Then after several tries to turn the key to crank the the engine the engine will start. Sometimes this is after the first try and sometimes it takes almost 10 tries. This always occurs with a cold engine. When I am out running errands and the engine is warm I do not experience the no start/no crank condition.
  1. The first time I the problem I only had the problem twice and it the car started on the 2nd try. The service engine light went on and the computer showed a trouble code P0340 Camshaft Position Sensor Code. It later cleared on its own but I replaced the the sensor.
  2. Then it ran fine for a while.
  3. When the no start/no crank condition next occurred we checked the park/neutral position sensor and nothing indicated any problems and the car ran fine for a few days.
  4. When the no start/no crank condition occured again we assumed it was the ignition switch which replaced and it did help the problem. Over the next two weeks the issue went from every few days to every day to every time the car was started. This coincided with the weather getting cold.
  5. Further research and our prior replacement of the front engine mount lead us to trouble shoot the engine ground which we found to be bad with a volt meter. As a result the no start/no crank condition frequency went from every day to once per week and always restarting on the second try.
  6. Research online including this forum led us to replace the Starter Relay on Sunday in an attempt to try and resolve the no start/no crank condition. It did not work.
  7. In the middle of last week the no start/no crank occurred and it took 7 tries to start the car. I also received a low battery light on the dash but the voltage indicator on the dashboard information system said between 14.5 & 15.1 volts Battery OK. As I bought the car used back in March and I didn't know the source of the battery I replaced the battery as a precaution. I drove the car after replacing the battery with no issues though the voltage indicator on the dashboard indicator read in a much tighter 14.5 -14.6 volt range although that was right after replacing the battery.
  8. The day after I replaced the battery the voltage indicator on the dashboard information center was showing 14.6 when I drove into work and was showing 15.1 volts on the way home. On the way home I received a Service Electrical System Dashboard Information message however when I took the car over to AutoZone to have the codes read there were no codes.
  9. After I left the AutoZone I got a Traction Control System warning light with the Service Electrical System in the dashboard information center. As the AutoZone was already closed I haven't returned to have the codes read.

I would really appreciate any advice you may have. I have the Cadillac Service Manuals for the vehicle and I have not been able to find anything about the Service Electrical System message and I'd really like to get the car back starting reliably
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