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I am done with Cadillac

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Default I am done with Cadillac

I bought my 2007 CTS used with 51k miles back in 2013. On day one I had to have the Electronic Control Module replaced before I even signed the paper work on the car since it went out the night before and we could not pull the key out of the ignition. Thankfully that was covered under warranty.

Then, after a rain, I opened the trunk and the lid itself was full was water and it promptly dumped it into the trunk area. So now the car must be parked under cover at all times. Even resealing the light fixture itself didn't solve the issue. I cannot find where the water is getting into the trunk lid.

Then the sunroof started to leak. Turns out the drain hose over the drivers seat area keeps coming out of the fixture. No matter what I do to try and keep the hose firmly affixed into the fixture, it keeps popping out. We had to seal the sunroof closed with sealant.

Then the washer rinse tube came out of its fixture at the hood nozzle. I keep putting the hose back in, and it keeps coming out. Making it impossible to use the windshield rinser.

The Drivers side adjustable seat switch failed. It will still auto position when I put the key in, but otherwise it's as dead as a brick.

The drivers door speaker is nonfunctional.

And now, out of the blue, I have a battery drain issue. Replaced the battery and still, after sitting for a few days, I have a dead battery. This issue is as common on CTS as the average common cold is to humans and Cadillac still has no idea on what is causing the issue or how to fix it.

And last but not least, my check engine light comes on over and over again with the same issue. I have had the issue checked at great expense, and it it is always the same culprit, a loose gas cap. So I replaced the gas cap and hopefully, this issue will resolve but given the host of issues that I have had with the car I am not going to be surprised when it comes back.

This is why I will never again buy or own a Cadillac. All of these issues that I have listed are well know issues with Cadillac CTS models, regardless of generation, and should have been fixed at no expense.

My dealership wants thousands of dollars to fix these issues. Issues, again, that should have been fixed at no expense by Cadillac since they are design issues and not related to use.

I am so utterly disgusted by Cadillac that I will forever go out and beyond to let people know about my personal experience with their products. And thankfully, given youtube, facebook, snap chat, and redit, I can get the message out to millions, and I that is exactly what I am doing.

Cadillac, FIX YOUR CARS!

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I don't know what to say about your experience. You bought a 6 year old car that was 2 years out of factory warranty. Now car is 10-11 years old. If you had repair shops working on concerns, they should have stood behind repairs
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n Thank you slowroll, the car came with an extended warranty for an engine issue up to 110k miles or 10 years. It just lapsed. Thankfully that's not the issue I am having.

I love driving the car, it's car fax was clean, and it only had two previous owners. Both of which took very good care of the car. The issues I am having are well known, according to the research I have done regarding them. These issues are design flaws that should have been addressed long ago and or repaired at no cost, regardless of the age or warranty status of the car. If you sell something that is flawed across multiple years and models, you should be responsible for fixing it at no cost to the consumer.

The battery drain issue is my primary concern atm. I cannot figure out what is causing it and the shop just wants to keep billing me $$ for it. When I took it in the first time it cost me $500.00 and all they did was read the bulletins, park the car until the part arrived, and replaced it. That was the overhead light controller. That didn't fix the problem. They then wanted another $500.00 to "diagnose" the problem in addition to the $500.00 I had already paid them to do the EXACT SAME THING!.

When the check engine light came on for the first time after getting gas, I took it to Carr Cadillac in Vancouver, the closest service shop at the time. They wanted $125.00 just to diagnose the code and I'd have to wait four days to get in. I took it to an O'Rielly's auto store and they checked the code for free and had me tighten the gas cap lid. The second time the code popped, a year later, last month, I replaced the cap.

The point is, the shops only want money. When I took the car in to have an oil change and servicing done, I left my dash camera on. You know what Carr did? They parked my car behind the shop and left it there for 40 minutes. Then pulled it up front. NO SERVICE WAS PERFORMED. They then billed me for an oil change, tire rotation, vehicle inspection, and some other little things. When I got home and watched the footage I horrified. That was the last time I will ever trust a certified Cadillac service center.

These examples, coupled with the OP are why I shall never purchase another Cadillac ever again. Love driving my 07, but once it's paid for, it's gone.
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Dealerships and repair shops are independently operated there or great ones and poor ones. With the dash cam video of no service - You should have went right to General Manager or Dealer Principle (Owner) about it. That is a situation he should know about.

The dome light deal I don't know how dealer could justify $500. If all that was done was check and replace dimmer control. the comeback should have been free or possibly part only with no labor. That's one of those things if I was the "shot caller" I would want to be as fair as possible. There are many things that can cause draws and it can be very time consuming to find, but you paid to have it fixed.

With TSBs they are things out there that happen to some cars not necessarily everyone. Years ago I dealt with a salesman selling a data service and he pushed" TSBs being defects your car was built with" which was totally wrong. The only thing he was going to do was to cause trouble the repair shops and unhappy owners.
By trying to use TSBs on cars that they didn't apply to.

Parts stores are a good source to have codes checked, but the parts guy is a salesman and will try to sell the part most related to code set. Replacing the part identified by the code without diagnosis is just a guess. EVAP leak codes can be caused by loose or missing gas caps. So check wipe off the seal and hopefully light stays out, it comes back you try a new cap, comes back now it has to be diagnosed.

Your sunroof "what do you expect there is a hole in the roof" With a OEM sunroof debris ( pollen , dirt, leaves, pine needles) can block drains in corners of sunroof tray. They can be blown out with compressed air. some times there can be issues with the hoses or tubes where the need glued and clamped to tray. there are shops who specialize in waterleak repair. There were dealers having aftermarket sunroofs in cars by accessory shops. Those cars need to go back installers for service.

What you can try related to battery. Place a 12v test light one end attached to negative battery cable and the other on negative battery post. the test light should be lit. You will need to disable domes lights the remove fuses until light goes out. The see what last fuse is for and start looking. makes sure nothing is plugged into accessory ports or cigar lighters. Check trunk, console, glove box, vanity mirrors lights all go out when they are closed.
Repair shops IDK you could try listing sites like Angie's list, consumer protection, word of mouth of people you know with similar cars.
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