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Old 03-31-2017, 10:34 AM
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Default Torque Converter

I am writing to your company about a problem with my Cadillac ATS 2013. In September 2016, I began to notice that whenever I hit 35 mph, the entire car started to shake until I took my foot of the gas and then reapplied it. The car shook at other speeds also, but it was most noticeable when I hit 35-45 mph. So I took the car for an oil change and asked them to drive the car with me to reproduce the problem. They ended up keeping the car to run further diagnostic tests.

I have enjoyed driving my car, but I also have taken good care of it, performing all recommended maintenance, and keeping it meticulously clean. After researching this specific problem and talking to other ATS owners, I learned that this is a known issue with Cadillac ATS torque converter and that a malfunctioning one would indeed cause a car to shudder, like mine was doing, and it was one of the most expensive repairs.

Imagine my surprise when my service adviser called me and said the torque converter was causing the problem! I believe that the failure of this torque converter was not due to neglect or error on my part. Fortunately, the car had less than 50k miles and the repair was covered by the warranty. However, 5 months after the torque converter was replaced, the car started to shake again (February 2016) with exactly the same symptoms as before. I start doubting about the quality of work they have performed on my car. They spent over a week to get it fixed but again I had the same problem.

I took the car again to the same dealer. So I talked to a new service advisor and explained the whole issue for the second time. He talked to his manager who test drove my car for about 30 minutes, reproduced the problem with me in the car, and was chocked on how bad the car was shaking and even worse, now it was shaking while stopped (idle). They kept the car for another week which made my life terrible without a car. I picked up the car and have driven it for about two months, and guess what! the car started to shake again between 35-45mph until I take my foot of the gas and then reapply it. This is the third time. I am extremely frustrated and disappointed with Cadillac. I am regretting buying this car.

Cadillacís reputation and marketing emphasize durability, reliability, and safety. Before this mechanical failure, I was very pleased with my ATS, and even thought about buying another Cadillac for my wife, but now I hesitate to get one. My sister and some friends also own Cadillacs that are functioning perfectly, but they arenít so sure that they will stick with the brand after watching my experiences with the mechanical failure of my ATS.
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Old 03-31-2017, 11:24 AM
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I do understand your frustration, however this like many enthusiast forums are not an extension of a manufacturer. Not that a Cadillac employee may not lurk on the forum, IDK for sure. I would contact Cadillac customer assistance and discuss the situation. The car along with the 4 yr / 50k base warranty has a 5 yr / 100k powertrain warranty. Hopefully your concern can be resolved soon. Good luck
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Old 05-14-2018, 01:31 PM
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Having the same problem with my 2016 ATS 3.6L, and mentioned it to them to look at while they're replacing my Cue Screen. I assumed it was the tranny. Not being a mechanic I didn't even think of the TC. It's weird because it comes and goes in cycles. For like 30-50 miles it will drive flawless, and then for 30-50 miles it will shudder and idle rough. Sometimes hesitates at takeoff. This usually doesn't occur when I'm running hard, or at 65+ usually only at lower cruising speeds around 35-55.

Annoying as hell and wondering if this also effects gas mileage.
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Old 05-17-2018, 02:42 PM
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Just got my ride back. They flushed the Transmission pan, changed the fluid and did some reprogramming and updates, and the shuddering has stopped. Car runs excellent and quite hot I might add.

All under warranty thankfully.

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