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Old 03-20-2017, 08:21 AM
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Default Suspension Questions - Help Please

Hello Everyone,

I'm with hopes that I can describe this okay....

I have a 2005 STS4 AWD 1sg (V8). When I hit a larger bump or small hole (you know, the one's we can't see until RIGHT on top of them), it doesn't just BUMP, and you continue on like most other cars... it will bump, and then I hear it continue to..... vibrate or tremble from the bump for another second or so.... if that makes sense. Almost like there's something loose under there that keeps vibrating after the bump has been hit.

I just replaced the OEM struts with OEM struts (the old ones needed replacing anyways), hoping this would solve the problem. It didn't. and when it DOES hit a bump, it's SO LOUD... Louder than my Jeep. I can't afford to continue throwing money at it, and guess what's happening.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

I thought about tires, and they could be replaced, but they're not that bad. It sounds though, like I'm riding on the Flinstone's wheels!

The shocks are not bottoming out, and they go up and down like regular when going over a speed bump.

I hope I was clear, and can get some help.

Thanks folks!
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Old 03-20-2017, 12:33 PM
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Noises are terrible to solve on the "Net". If you paid to have struts replaced; take it back and tell them about it. If not worn upper mount or control arm bushings. There is a tool called "Chassis Ears" which is designed to aid in diagnosing noises. You could try to fab something like it. Essentially it uses mini microphones mounted on clamps to isolate source of noises. It has a control box for multiple mics that can be tuned on and off along with volume.
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Old 07-12-2017, 01:51 AM
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Just addressed the shocks. Right rear shock broke from car. So, loud popping is gone. But... they put the regular gas shocks on the car from another 05 sts withOUT the magnaride. And NOW, I can't drive the car over 80mph and the DIC is flagging suspension sys issues. I'm so frustrated.

I'm told I need resistors applied to the wires that SHOULD be connected to the OEM shocks. But they were about 2K that I don't have. So with these... resistor things, I don't know what to go get, and have NO clue as to how to put it on. The dealer told me that they wouldn't install the resistors unless THEY installed the shocks... and THEY would install the OEM shocks that came on the car... for about $3500.

The shop that replaced the old shocks says they don't know how to apply the resistors either. They just replace shocks.

If there's ANY fixes that I can attempt... please let me know.


Pastor D.
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