Rough idle and knocking

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Default Rough idle and knocking

Ok im trying to help my brother inlaw out with this issue but having no such luck. this is an 89 Fleetwood Brougham with the 5.0L. the problem is that the car has little power and sputters bad sometimes bucks and jerks when driving. And wont idle very well and die at times.

when warmed up it idles rough and at a low rpm say 500rpm or less it knocks (like when a car is dieseling) and sometimes dies afterwards but above 500rpms it seems fine but i can still hear the same knocking but a very quiet slight knock almost unnoticeable to the untrained ear. it also dies at stops or when put in gear.

i have sprayed carb cleaner in the carb to clean things up a bit to see if it helped. it seemed it helpd slightly but nothing major and the problem still persists.All while this is going on theres also smoke from it leaking oil near valve covers which im positive its leaking oil but in a small amount and it gets worse as rpms rise. I noticed that if i brought the rpms up and keep them there the smoke would thicken a bit and die down as the rpms droped. the cars not losing tons of oil but in a week or so i would say she would need 1/2 a quart. im not sure really what to do here or whhat the culprit may be. i was leaning to carb issues but i dont think its carb related ive seached on line and havent found anybody who had a straight forward answer to this issue. so im hoping some one here has had this issue. im mostly concerned with getting the car to idle smoot and go from there as far as the oil issue.

when the car is started for the first time of the day it runs great but still lacks power, then once it warms up this is when the problems with idle and sputtering and stalling (or plain just falls on its face) shows up. The knocking goes with the idle problems and disappears with higher rpms above 500. so i hope i painted a big enough picture to give anyone an idea of what is going on. the car only has 110k and ran like a top until after having the intake gaskets replaced. Then ran fine and later is when these problems showed up.
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Have you checked out all the distributor parts like module, pickup coil, magnet. How about the Temp. sensor, EGR valve. and related connections?? Has the timing been set recently?
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i would have to say no to all of those. LOL i was going to check timing but the timing mark thing is gone or im just not finding it but im positive i looked in the right place. i believe the distibutor and components have been replaced recently by the previous owner but ill have to check for sure. Also i got told that the carb might need rebuilt and thats why it wont idle right. ill be looking at it this weekend since the weather will be nicer than it has been.
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Hey whats up man, i actually have a very similar issue with my 88 Brougham D'elegance, which i just bought last friday. I got a little bit of sputtering once i come to a complete stop and idle.. if i put it in park it doesnt do it, which is what ive been doing latley to avoid it sputtering like that... it also seems to want to sputter if i stop abruptly, if i cruise though it doesnt seem to have the issue... also it chugs a few times when i shut it off... maybe carb related..?? Thing is like i said i just bought it less than a week ago and im waiting on parts to arrive for a tune up and oil change and replace the belts and what not so im not sure how much all that is going to clear things up.. my guess is that it has been sitting since 2004 since thats what is on insepction sticker... Im really excited about this car though because i got a steal of a deal... only 80K miles and everything inside and out looks brand new, the previous only owner was an elderly woman who only drove it to church on sunday and the hairdressers on friday... she passed and gave it to her great grand daughter who is only 17 years old, and thought the car was dumb and old so she sold it to me for $1400!!! Anyway i'll post alot more later as i have alot of questions in regards to doing my own work cause cadillac places around me want like 475 to tune me up... noooo thanks!!!
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