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Diagnostic CODES, GM Cadillac models

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Default Diagnostic CODES, GM Cadillac models

Cadillac Allante models, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992
may also apply to other Cadillac models of the period.

ABS - Anti-Lock Diagnostic Codes

1 Left Front Valve Problem
2 Right Front Valve Problem
3 Right Rear Valve Problem
4 Left Rear Valve Problem
5 LF WSS Low Output
6 RF WSS Low Output
7 RR WSS Low Output
8 LR WSS Low Output
9 LF/RR WSS Signal Error
10 RF/LR WSS Signal error
11 Valve Relay Circuit Problem
12 Replenishing Valve Circuit Problem
13 Improper Booster Sequence - Pressure
14 Improper Booster Sequence - Piston Travel
15 Improper Booster Sequence - Brake Light Switch
16 EBCM error

ECM Diagnostic Codes

E012 No distributor signal
E013 Rt. Oxygen Sensor Not ready
E014 Shorted Coolant sensor Circuit AIR
E015 Open Coolant sensor Circuit AIR
E016 Generator Voltage Out of Range / All solenoids, Except Shift Solenoids
E017 Left Oxygen Sensor Not ready
E019 Shorted Fuel Pump Circuit
E020 Open Fuel Pump Circuit
E021 Shorted Throttle Position sensor circuit VCC
E022 Open Throttle Position sensor circuit VCC
E023 EST/Bypass Circuit problem AIR
E024 Speed sensor Circuit problem VCC, CRUISE
E026 Shorted Throttle Switch Circuit EGR
E027 Open throttle Switch Circuit EGR
E028 Open third or Fourth Gear Circuit or Shorted 2-3 / Shift solenoid VCC, CRUISE
E029 Shorted third gear Switch Circuit or Open 2-3 / Shift solenoid VCC, CRUISE
E030 ISC Circuit Problem
E031 Shorted MAP Sensor Circuit AIR
E032 Open MAP Sensor Circuit AIR
E034 MAP Sensor Signal Too High AIR
E037 Shorted MAT Sensor Circuit AIR
E038 Open MAT Sensor Circuit AIR
E039 VCC Engagement Problem VCC
E040 Power Steering Pressure Switch Circuit Problem
E041 Cam Sensor Circuit Problem
E042 Left Oxygen Sensor signal Lean / AIR, CL canister purge
E043 Left Oxygen sensor Signal signal Rich / AIR, CL canister purge
E044 Rt. Oxygen Sensor Signal Lean / AIR, CL canister purge
E045 Rt. Oxygen Sensor Signal Rich / AIR, CL canister purge
E046 Right to Left Bank Fueling Imbalance
E047 BCM - ECM Data Problem
E048 EGR systém Fault EGR
E049 AIR Management Systém Fault AIR
E052 ECM Memory Reset Indicator
E053 Distributor Signal Interrupt
E055 TPS Misadjusted
E056 Open Fourth Gear Switch circuit or Shorted 3-4 / Shift solenoid VCC
E057 Shorted Fourth Gear Switch circuit or Open 3-4 / Shift solenoid VCC
E059 Trans. Temperature sensor circuit problem VCC
E060 Cruise - Transmission Not in Drive CRUISE
E061 Cruise - Vent Solenoid circuit Problem CRUISE
E062 Cruise - Vacuum Solenoid Circuit Problem CRUISE
E063 Cruise - Car Speed And Set Speed / Difference Too high CRUISE
E064 Cruise - Car Acceleration Too High CRUISE
E065 Cruise - Servo Position Sensor Failure CRUISE
E066 Cruise - Engine RPM Too High CRUISE
E067 Cruise - Switch Shorted During Enable CRUISE

BCM Diagnostic Codes

B110 Outside Air Temperature Circuit Problem
B111 A/C High Side Temperature Circuit Problem
B112 A/C Low Side Temperature Circuit Problem / A/C Clutch
B113 In - Car Temperature Circuit Problem
B115 Sunload Temperature circuit Problem
B119 Twilight Sentinel Photosensor circuit Problem / Twilight Sentinel
B120 Twilight Sentinel Delay pot Circuit Problem
B122 Panel Lamp Dimming Pot Circuit Problem
B124 Speed Sensor Circuit Problem
B127 PRND321 Sensor Circuit Problem / Park Break Relase
B132 Oil Pressure Sensor Failure
B334 Loss Of ECM Data
B335 Loss Of CCDIC Data
B336 Loss Of IPC Data
B337 Loss Of Programmer Data / A/C Clutch, Park Brake Relase
B410 Charging System Problem
B411 Battery Volts Too low
B412 Battery Volts Too High
B420 BCM Output Driver / 1 Failure
B421 BCM Output Driver / 2 Failure
B440 Air Mix Door Problem
B441 Cooling Fans Problem
B446 Low A/C Refrigerant Condition Warning
B447 Very Low A/C Refrigerant Condition Warning / A/C clutch
B448 Very Low A/C Refrigerant Pressure Condition / A/C clutch
B449 A/C High Side Temperature Too High / A/C clutch
B450 Coolant Temperature Too High / A/C clutch
B480 Loss of ABS Communication
B481 ABS Fault
B552 BCM Memory Reset Indicator

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Default RESET Diagnostic CODES, Cadillac Allante models

How does one RESET the codes on an Allante?
I guess not everyone can read " GM GREEK" ?

Here you go ..

For the purposes of the D.I.C.

Starts here:

OFF & WARM (red button) together
- the D.I.C. will light up the instrument cluster like a Christmas tree
- the D.I.C. will start diagnostics, as soon as it starts displaying ..

- until " ECM " comes up

- until " CLEAR CODES ? " comes up

- press only once
- response will be in a few seconds: CODES CLEARED

you are done ...

PRESS RESET and you are back to normal

Translation complements of yours truly @


***** print this out and place it in the Glove box *****

Diagnostic Ssytem Trees coming soon ..


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This is a older posting-on the off chance it's still reveiwed, my 1992 Allante has different ABS codes than listed here. I'm looking for the FSM discription for Code 64 on the Bosch III System. Does anyone have this info??
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