RWD Allante ?

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Default RWD Allante ?

With the price of Allante cars going throught he floor, maybe this is the time to mess with them.

from other sources:

I am aware that the Allante is FWD from the factory and this was a horrible mistake. I forget the link, but it can be googled, where a shop has created a RWD swap for the Ford Focus. A Mustang V8 drops right in the engine bay and the swap can be finished in about one weekend.

I'm just curious is anyone has already tried this with the Allante. Anyone know?

I am aware that it would take a lot of time in designing and fabricating a new rear subframe, engine mounts, room form a RWD tranmission for the Northstar, but I also know that it is doable. Anyone in the Allante community a serious gearhead who is into racing?

Anyone visited to see what can be done with a Northstar?

I'm into drifting and I like the Allante but being FWD, it can't drift. I want something different and thought I would investigate the Allante.

Using a Corvette rear subframe from a C4 seemed like the way to go. Perhaps a C5 would prove better?
Going FWD while all the other luxury coupes of the day that were in the same price range were RWD was a huge mistake that only GM could make.

I am wondering if the center tunnel is large enough to accomodate a driveshaft without serious modification?

I would rather connect a Corvette 5-speed to the N* engine if its even possible. I know the bellhousing would need to be customized. The AT stick in the Allante is certainly long enough to be a perfect stick shift and having the ability to shift is > than AT IMO.

I would start out with a 85-89 corvette , then find a junk allante with a junk title thats been in a wreck or a flood or something and use its parts to make the corvette into a period correct "XLR" type thing , the 85-89 vettes are a dime a dozen and if you use a junked allante then your not hurting anything and still building something cool and have the aftermarket to work with the suspension to get the steering raitio and wheel angles setup to drift it.

Northstar powered 1994 Pontiac GTP....that is RWD!

The engine cradle used in the Allante's is the same as Eldorado/Seville of the same vintage. The rear suspension was of two types, 1987-92 (one transverse leaf spring) or 1993 (two coils). The engine cradle including the drivetrain and the rear suspension were the parts added to the car after it was shipped to the US. The rest of the body is unitized. It is also very strong

At the Corvette Forum a very helpful poster put this up:

I found this link for you :

And under specification (84-87)vette :

All aluminum independent rear with positrac
drum parking brakes incorporated into rear rotors
11 1/2" rotors Single piston aluminum calipers
Fiberglass leaf spring
Ratios 2.59, 2.79, 3.07
2 Models 36(7.875" ring gear) 44(8.5" ring gear)
Model 36 was used behind automatics
Model 44 behind manual transmissions
62" wide hub to hub with discs on
37 1/4" between batwing mounting bolts
44 1/2" between trailing arm mounting bracket bolts.

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Default RE: RWD Allante ?

Performance Concepts
1259 NW Broad St, Murfreesboro, TN 37129
Phone: (615) 890-9755
Owner: Eddie Carlisle

Well, went to talk to him today and I gotta say that this guy is the second coolest shop guy I have ever talked to in the USA! The other was Bill MacDowell, owner of Wild Bill's Electronics in Boaz, Alabama. I'll post up what he told me and if anyone wants to verify it, they are free to visit a local shop of their own. Might be a good idea as I am not a mechanic and you might get a better price.


When I popped the idea to him, Eddie never blinked his eyes and said matter of factly and instantly that it could "easily" be done - that is, easily for a fabricator with years of racing experience. He thought the idea was really cool and in fact, there are a lot of "pro stock" racers doing exactly what I am thinking about for the Allante. And, not entirely the same thing, but the shop has a late '70s Malibu that is getting tubbed so they are doing the same thing for that car that they would have to do to an Allante...or even a mid-90s Eldorado. He said making a FWD car into RWD was more common than some people realize...people outside the racing world.

Eddie is more into drag racing and the shop car has a turbocharged Camaro putting down over 600hp. I liked the idea that he was very familar with what I was wanting to do and he has seen it/done it before with other cars for racing. That it why he first suggested a Ford 9" rear and that it would be an easy job as they fab this rear for several draggers who come in. I mentioned the Vette IRS and he said that for street driving that it would be even better. Plus, C4 Vettes are plentiful and some should be able to be found in a junk yard. Need the front engine cradle to be customized for the Northstar and the IRS can easily be cut out. One went on EBAY for less than $600 just today!

He did ask why I wanted the Northstar and I said the keep the Caddy theme going. The T-56 Tremec will need its bellhousing modified, but he said he was familar with that (from streetrodders) and that it was no problem. He did warn about the cost of repairing a North* as compared to an LS1 pluss the cheaper cost and more power of the Chevy engine. I see his point but I'd rather go Caddy for the engine. I didn't take pics of the Malibu's custom rear and now I wish I had.

When it came to price, he said it depends on sourcing the parts from a salvage yard (I got that part covered) as that's a cost he cannot control. But, he said that he could easily see it being done for $5000, but that he wanted to give himself some room so he quoted $5000-$8000. I asked him worse case scenario what the cost would be. He said he didn't know because so many things happen in a swap, but mentioned that he could not see EVERYTHING costing over $10,000+cost of the donor car. I would like to get an estimate in writing, but for such a project, I don't think that any shop would.

I then asked him a time frame and mentioned 2months. He said he could definitely finish it all in 3months. He does a good business and his workers seemed hard at it especially getting a truck ready in time for a show. There is a car show every Friday night at the Stones River Mall in Murfreesboro (in the back) and he left to take his Camaro to the show. I left the show before he got there though.

So, if anyone wants to call Eddie at Performance Concepts in Murfreesboro I posted the number and address. I can give directions and its easy to get to. Its on US Highway41 that parallels I-24 from Nashville to Chattanooga and across from HOOTERS!. I was hoping that having so many drag racing/NASCAR-BUSCH shops in the area would come in handy with this project and so it seems all can work out.

Eddie said to come in once I got a car and we could work out all the details from engine mounts, to installing the tranny through the floorboard, if a custom welded tunnel would be needed, moving the gas tank, cutting out the spare tire well, and other odds and ends. In the end though, he thought the idea was really cool and didn't see why Allante owners would get so pissy and insist that it couldn't be done. He has been fabbing and racing for years so once he gets the geometry down (I kept saying "measurements" but I learned its more correct to say geometry), its just a matter of cutting and welding.
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Default RE: RWD Allante ?

Sounds like good news. Just had a thought about sticking with a Cadillac Powerplant and possibility of problems with North* mods. Just for kicks you may want to consider a 472 or 500 swap into the Allante. Pre North* Allantes can be had for less bucks North* swaps into pre 93 Allantes are a bear. The 500 does not weigh much more than a SBC with some replacement aluminum parts like pulleys, intake, and even heads. Even a stock big block caddy would have near the same HP as the Northstar and much more torque. Another problem may lie in Allante aluminum body parts(hood). Sticking with the stock hood may prose problems with clearance on a big block.

The Northstar would just be a cool engine to swap. I know other engines could be used but I just have a thing for the North*. As for the hood, might have to custom a fiberglass one but I hope nothing is necessary. The North* already fits transversly and I don't think it would have to be installed higher longitudianlly. I know the floorboard will have to be cut to fith the T-56 though.

A FWD to RWD conversion kit.

Click on the link for Performance Engine Parts

and then scroll down to Quad 4 RWD Conversion

the July 1989 Car & Driver issue has a RWD Reatta.

Will check out a shop next week that makes hand built roadsters to see what they say. I know the Allante is not 100% the same, but the variations can be worked out.

i want an american luxury coupe of moderate size and the Cadillac brand IS american luxury as well as my favorite and the allante's only problem is the fwd drive train so I'd like to fix it ...I was thinking of finding an engine that is good enough to get me to 189 or 205 mph and i can mount in the trunk area so as i don't have to go through tunneling the floor boards and rearranging the interior. I also wanted to know if there are any North* diesel plants of a moderate size. Ur project would help alot ...

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Default RWD Conversion Suggestion

Has anyone used a custom chassis to convert an Allante to RWD? I recall that Jay Leno used a similar idea to convert his 1968 Olds Toronado to RWD, so I wondered if it could be applied to the Allante.

I was thinking that a chassis from Art Morrison or the Roadster Shop could be used. As for an engine, a GM E-Rod engine would be useful, as would a Tremec T-56 transmission from either American Powertrain or Rockland Standard Gear.
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