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87allante 06-30-2018 07:04 PM

78 Eldo generator light on, AC fuse immediate blow
Bought car maybe a month ago, no problems with generator light. Cruise light came on in the dash when switch in either on or auto position; cruise fed off the AC/fuse switch so I know that was good. PO had bypassed the compressor cycle switch with a jumper. Freon low. Compressor clutch not working. Disconnected front connector from compressor, fed 12V from battery, clutch engaged, compressor turned properly. Loaded freon to proper pressure, reconnected front plug to compressor.
AC fuse now blows immediately, generator light full on in climate control "OFF" and "LOW" settings. Generator light just barely visible in ECON and HI settings.
Car off, battery at ~12.7VDC; car on, ~14.1. Generator seems to be working properly.
FSM shows a line coming directly from the generator to the 15A AC/cruise fuse.

I also noticed that at the jumper for the compressor cycling switch, after the fuse blew, there was still ~10.9VDC - FSM shows that switch in series with the line coming off the fuse to the compressor clutch.

So - what did I clobber? Fuse blows even with the front compressor connector disconnected. I need to start tracing wires coming out of climate control switch assembly to see if I damaged the switch, or maybe the MK II module . . . ..

Going Monday morning to gut a 77 Eldo - I will take the entire dash and everything behind it, the cycling switch (probably no good in this one either but it is easy to pull....) and I might as well grab the generator and compressor as well - the deal is $xxx for whatever I want other than body stuff ...

thanks all - I really love the car, yellow, very clean body, has all the hubcaps, oh so comfortable to drive - I thought my 2001 Eldo rode nicely but this 78 is WAY better - and either of them make my 2006 STS feel like a punishment chair :)


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